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Our passion is helping you find clothing that makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

From the very beginning, we’ve strived to take the stress out of shopping for clothes. Our signature approach is bringing you clothing that feels modern and personal, with an emphasis on top-notch quality.

What you wear has a real and tangible effect on your confidence, so we aim to accentuate what you like about yourself. When you browse our website, you’ll find thoughtfully curated pieces meant to reflect your own nuances.


Custom Tailoring Is in Halid’s Blood 

Siddiki learned tailoring from his father in Istanbul, Turkey. His father was a head tailor with 35 employees and had learned the trade from Halid’s grandfather, who had more than 50 years of experience himself.   

Siddiki's father showed him the joy that comes from tailoring and altering both men's and women's fashions. Helping clients find the look that is perfect for them brings an intense satisfaction that Halid still finds in his work today. 

Beginning his work at just five years old, Siddiki spent all of his free time exploring his new passion for the tailoring craft. With more experience, he worked alongside his father, making custom shirts and suits. He learned to match the perfect design with the ideal material to create the best possible item for the customer.  

Working with the Greats 

While Halid is clear that his father is his inspiration and his greatest teacher, he has learned and worked at some of the greatest tailoring companies in the world. Over time, Halid has found that his true passion comes from building suits from the design and fabric up through the finished piece. This gives him the ability to fully customize the item to the customer's needs. 

What Customers Get at Suits Tailor House 

When working with Suits Tailor House, customers receive high quality products that are made entirely within Canada. All production happens in the back of the store, with Siddiki working alongside a few in-house tailors. Absolutely no part of the garments made by Suits Tailor House is constructed overseas.  

When customers shop with Suits Tailor House, they are getting products made entirely in Toronto, from the design to the finished piece.  

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