What We Offer

What we offer
Alterations Services

Suits Tailor House is proud to offer alternations for any garments, from casual clothes that need a superior fit to wedding tuxedos and dresses that must be perfect. We offer complete garment alteration and repair. Both for men and women.

  • Uniform Alterations

    Just because something is standard issue doesn't mean it doesn't need to fit like a glove. 

  • Curtain Alterations

    Don't let curtains that are too long mean that you can't get them ready for your home. Fit your curtains to the windows!

  • Maternity clothing alterations

    As your body changes with pregnancy, let us help your changes clothes too.

  • Formal alteration

    Your suit should make you look and feel your best. If it isn't there yet, take it to us for getting it fit perfectly.

  • Resizing and restyling

    Is your favorite suit or dress not fitting just right? Need an update to your wardrobe? We can updates your clothes!

Available Services
Alterations include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Hems for Pants, Jeans, Skirts and Dress
  • Shortening and Lengthening Sleeves
  • Taking In/Letting Out Waists, Hips and Thighs
  • Outerwear Alterations and Repairs
  • Zipper & Button Replacements
  • Tapering
  • Complete Alterations for Velvet, Silk
  • Leather Garments
  • Mending Rips and Applying Patches
  • Alterations and Repairs to Lined Garments
  • Wedding/Evening Gown Alterations

If you’re a senior, you’re in a good position to save. Seniors can save 10% off their alterations at suits tailor house